Circuit Rider of Colorado, LLC

Company Profile

Circuit Rider of Colorado, LLC was established in 2006. Our company specializes in providing a diversity of services to local governments, especially special districts. Conner W. Shepherd, Ph.D., the President of Circuit Rider of Colorado, has managed special districts, both large and small since 1994.

Circuit Rider of Colorado, LLC was established to provide experienced management with a cafeteria menu of standard and optional services that best meets the needs of our clients. Typical services include, but are not limited to:

We have a client base of local governments that include:

Contract Management

Contract management for a local government or Title 32 Special District provides primary contacts that draw from the experience and abilities of its manager. As your manager, we will provide support to the Board in the regular operations of the District. We believe we are ideally suited to meet the needs of your community.

Demonstrated Excellence

Our demonstrated relevant experiences that will be an asset to your community include the following: