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Circuit Rider of Colorado, LLC was established in 2006. Our company specializes in providing a diversity of services to local governments, homeowners associations and nonprofits. Because we are small firm, and specialize in small, mission-driven customers, we keep overhead costs to a minimum and serve our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner, without compromising the highest attention to communication.

Circuit Rider represents over 60 years of expert service to Special Districts, Colorado local government and non-profit management, serving as manager, management support, and management sub-contractors for over 50 Special Districts and non-profits. We know the "ins and outs" of daily operations, projects and the challenges a resident Board and community face, as well as the standards expected of consultant services by and for your community, especially in regards to collaboration with numerous agencies for success, transparency and efficiency. 

We provide accountable, valuable and trusted collaboration to achieve your community vision. We strive to provide a personal, responsive and comprehensive approach to our clients while bringing a wealth of institutional knowledge. Our clients are advocated for with creative and appropriate solutions that meet their needs.


Our name, Circuit Rider, holds an important place in the history of the American West. The term "Circuit Rider" was used to describe judges who rode on horseback through the wilderness from town to town to mete out justice and administer town affairs. By way of this model, rural citizens were afforded access to the services in their home communities rather than being forced to travel great distances to the nearest judge. Circuit Riders are in some form and to some degree management consultants. They serve regional constituencies, traveling from a central location. They provide consulting and assistance with problem solving, and they provide advice and information. Circuit Riders can "cross-pollinate" the groups they serve, transmitting insights, tools and tips they gain from one client to another, saving them time and money. 

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